Finished Space Renovations

Project Objective:

The main objective of this project was to convert a 620 square foot walk-up storage attic into a second-level master suite. The project kicked off by replacing the steps leading up to the attic with a code-compliant stairway. We constructed a dormer at the top of the steps to serve as a landing. The new stairway was not nearly as steep as the original and thus extended well past the original stair case. This crowded things too much, so we opened up a load-bearing wall to create a sweeping, arched doorway that matched the arched openings elsewhere in the house. While performing this type of work, a similar arched opening was created in another bearing wall between the kitchen and dining room, setting the customer up for a future kitchen remodel that could focus solely on product updates instead of structural wall work.


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“The finished product is really incredible. We are so happy with how things turned out, how functional it is, how much more space there is. Expanding to get a separate shower was absolutely the right thing to do. Couldn’t be happier with how things turned out! The bathroom is awesome.”