Deep Run Renovations is your Design/Build team from concept through final walkthrough. 

Design/Build is a process where an entire home remodeling project, from concept through final walkthrough, is organized and implemented by a single company. At Deep Run Renovations, we've had great success partnering with homeowners on Design/Build projects, since it minimizes the challenges that occur when a project is passed from one firm to another. In a Design/Build project, our team designs and builds the project, which fosters a more complete understanding of the job. It creates operational efficiencies, including better management of time, budget, quality, and resources. 



  • Access to construction expertise during all phases of design, including the most appropriate and cost-effective construction materials and methods.
  • Eliminates the concern and frustration that comes with using an outside entity that develops ideas that cannot be executed, are cost prohibitive, or do not pass local code or zoning regulations. What is designed can actually be built.
  • Expectations are set correctly upfront. There is no “I wonder if the designer meant…” Since the designer is part of the team, everyone (the client, the designer, the construction team) is on the same page at the start of the Build phase. Gaps are closed and everyone understands what needs to be built.
  • Provides single point of responsibility and accountability that enables more consistent construction throughout the project and more consistent service well after the project is completed.

Getting Started

Once you have an initial idea of what you would like to achieve, you will sit down with one of our designers and Managing Owner, Gary Harless, for a consultation to discuss the project goals, design criteria and objectives, and overall budget. A proposal will then be submitted to you describing the work to be performed and the pricing scenario(s) that best fit the scope of your project. Although executed with the same company, the Design and Build phases are completely separate contractual activities. In other words, you do not have to commit to moving forward with the Build upon completion of the Design. We obviously strive for a Design deliverable that can immediately be put into the Build phase, but we also realize that many factors drive the ultimate start date of a larger project. Regardless of timing, Deep Run Renovations remains your consistent partner from one phase to another.

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“We were very happy with you, your staff, subcontractors, and your various vendors. We appreciate your attention to detail, taking charge and doing the right thing for us, the customer, and resolving questions or issues to our satisfaction. Again, thanks for a quality job!”

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